About leggings - with love

CoverIn addition to the tights, a source of 2013 we are offered more frequently wear with leggings.These, by the method, this season joined the fashion socks. Catchy, bright, bold, you get currently - a main part attire. It is on these designers do accents. It is as well highly relevant tights and stockings, which successfully mimics the pattern stockings and leggings. However a effect, a desired capacity fashionista layering.If we continue the theme "imitation", it makes sense to say about the size of the thin flesh-colored tights with a pattern "under a tattoo."Magnetically girls with rebellious tendencies should pay attention to a "punk" motives: torn or covered with decorative stained tights and leggings - finish word in this season! Some hit youthful fashion - very bright, sometimes to hurt the skin eyes, neon tights colors - red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, burgundy, - in short, all the colors of a rainbow!Adult ladies will prefer a more classic colors tights - solid, white and black, decorated with floral and geometric prints.So It is possible to see, a variety of "kolgotochnoy" fashion now allows every young woman to pick out the model that will decorate her legs and draw striving to a originality and uniqueness of a created image.   Resembling articles:Mask Updates in the photo gallery of dresses for promCover Summer. Fashion trendsCover The basic colors of source fashion.

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